Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A friend recently explained, "Whenever someone asks me, 'How's your spiritual life?" I immediately run a mental search through all the "shoulds" ("should-y thinking!") that go with my laundry list of 'spiritual' tasks and I feel guilty and burdened with the shortcomings of my journey. But recently a friend asked, 'How's your soul?' and immediately I knew what he was asking and felt glad that he acknowledged and was sincerely interested in my deepest and inner 'me."

I have a passion for walking alongside others on their life's journey (wherever they're at and wherever they're going) nurturing what matters most--even if subconsciously--to them, that inner self some call "soul."

You will have opportunities to eavesdrop, hang out, provide insights, experience and wisdom and to be part of the creating of two new books currently in development via surveys, interviews, comments and feedback. You will, in this way, have an opportunity to impact many peoples lives where it most matters: their connecting with and following their creator who is on the move in the world.

I have a desire to walk alongside those who long for wholeness in a hurting world (walking this walk myself) . . . for those who long to directly encounter God, being healed and whole, fueled and empowered for living.

Is it possible? Let's explore together. I look forward to learning from you . . .