Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spiritual Milk, Part III

The shortest and most powerful spoken prayers I've experienced is the Jesus prayer. You're late for your appointment, you've grabbed an energy bar on the way out the door, jumped in the car and zoomed off to pick up your kids, or to get to the office. You're tight as a bongo drum. You could rely on adrenaline, nerves, and the soy protein isolate and sugar in your bar (or the caffeine, cocoa and saccharine in the mocha latte you picked up at the drive-through).

What if you took 15 seconds to pray? Or, the 5 minutes waiting at the drive-through? While prayer isn't an energy bar or a caffeinated beverage, or even in the big picture of things about you, it is your direct-line to the leader of your life and the power-source of all you do. Here's how it goes:

Father, have mercy on me! Leader Jesus, have mercy on me! Holy Spirit, have mercy on me."

The tax collector in Jesus' parable of Luke 18 adds, "...have mercy on me a sinner!" The next time you're dashing out the door, what if you were to be praying the Jesus prayer and were to engage with the Master as He leads you on an unforgettable journey for the world?