Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Rid of Resentment

How do we deal with people we don't like and still live with ourselves and with them?

Most all of us have someone in our life who rubs us the wrong way, who seems consistently to say or do exactly what causes our blood pressure to rise, our pulse to quicken and our resentment to build. 

When the suggestion comes up in polite company, "Love your enemies!", some of us nod and reply with a twinge of shame, "Of course" but then go on living, as we had, in anguish and deep frustration with those we don't like.

Some of us nod and reply, "Yes, but..." and go on living, as we had, with resentment for those we dislike.

The one who would have the greatest cause for resentment and for the greatest number of people is one who believers call "Savior and Master". He not only advocated for but commanded everyone who would hear him to love, serve and pray for those we don't like.

It doesn't seem reasonable he would command this without also expecting results. Is it possible in your life to live with those you don't like and still live with yourself?
For more on how to live with those we don't like and still live with ourselves watch this sermon video from last Sunday called Getting Rid of Resentment.